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From the time I was a teenager to just a few years ago, I suffered through depression. And for 25 years I searched for an effective way to end the vague but unrelenting mental and emotional pain. But year after year I slowly descended into darkness until I woke up one morning and I knew that I just couldn’t make it through another day. It had to end one way or another. I was tired of my life.

But life had given me a gift, a person whom I love very much, someone who depended on me, someone I would do anything for. And even if I couldn’t fix my life for myself, I knew I could do it for him. I couldn’t leave my son, I couldn’t abandon him and he became my big “why,” the reason I was going to end my depression.

And that is when the light went on, I wanted more than anything else to not feel depressed anymore and I had a very compelling reason not to: my family. Now there is a big difference between acceptance and resignation.

I could ACCEPT that I was depressed, full of anxiety and tired of life,
but I didn’t have to be RESIGNED to stay that way forever.

And so I began the hardest work of my life. I had no health insurance, no money, and if you’ve seen the video on antidepressants then you know why I won’t take medication. However, what I did have was determination. So I researched, studied and started working my way through my self-sabotage, anger and negative thought patterns.

I sought out every way possible to end depression, I read every book I could find on depression, I listened to audio programs, watched webinars and You Tube videos, and went to workshops…anything I could find. I worked with various methods, tried a lot of techniques, and cut different things out of my diet. I would rise up and be dragged down. I spent four years and $25,000 (money I didn’t have) to figure out what depression is and how to eliminate it. I made massive improvements, made massive mistakes, and hit massive walls, but I kept going, kept trying, because the light was turned on. I knew I couldn’t live like this anymore. I was so determined to feel good again.

And then one day, I realized it had been a long time since I had felt depressed and angry at life. I was actually feeling good about myself though really nothing in my outside world had changed. I had done it. I had broken the loop. I had ended the overwhelm and my emotional pain. I had ended my sorrow and despair. I had changed my life. And if I can do this…then you can, too!

Why do I believe that? You see I didn’t go back to school and get a fancy degree to learn how to end depression. I’m not a psychologist, a neuroscientist or a brain surgeon, and I don’t have a bunch of letters at the end of my name, I am, however, a living, walking, breathing representative of what’s possible. I achieved greatness. And the good news? You can too. You and I, we are the same. Our bodies work the same way, our cells take in signals and information the same way, our brain cells wire together and talk to each other the same way. We are the same, so that means if I can do this, you can too. You too are capable of greatness.

A Few Years Ago I Was Stuck, Broke And Depressed.

I struggled with life for 25 years. Not anymore. Now I live life in happiness and when challenges do appear in my life I now have the tools to move through them with grace.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s wonderful book Outliers he explains the “10,000-Hour Rule” to mastery. The rule states that mastery of any subject comes not through innate talent but through practice, approximately 10,000 hours of practice. Which meant I was a master at only one thing: depression.

But I had also created this amazing toolbox full of scientifically proven methods for eliminating depression; methods and techniques that could save people a lot of time and save them from spending a lot of money on things that don’t actually work.

When I started out I wished I had had somebody who could have laid it all out for me. Instead I read book after book, bought program after program and attended workshop after workshop. So now I’ve put together The Depression 180 Program with the best methods and techniques for eliminating depression. And I want to teach them to you.

I will be honest. This is not a 30-day-quick-fix and then everything will be all right for the rest of your life kind of program. In my case, I had been depressed for over 25 years, a quarter of a century of this behavior and thinking saturating my conscious mind, my subconscious, my cells, creating the chemical makeup of my brain. It wasn’t just going to disappear after a few weeks of forced happy thoughts. But I so badly wanted to end the sadness and feel good again that I put in the time and the effort to turn my life around.

I want to share something with you that literally changed my life and taught me how to go about eliminating my depression. If I were to point to the one piece of knowledge, or information or philosophy or whatever you want call it that changed my life it is something I read from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love in which she says,


I want to repeat this because it is so important, “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it…You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings.…you must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever.”

I think that sums up this program. If you want to end your depression, and live in the full happiness you desire and deserve, then you will have to fight for it, you will have to make a mighty effort to achieve it, and you will have to participate RELENTLESSLY! There is no other way. Ask yourself – how badly do you want this? If going down isn’t an option (and it never is) then you must find a way up and out.

I wrote Depression 180 to help you move to the next level, and then the next and then the next. This program will teach you the tools you need so that you can end depression, anger, and self-sabotage.

There are people who would rather keep spending money on the next workshop, or next book, or next program because it gives them a sense that they’re doing something, they think they are progressing because they bought something, it keeps them busy searching and looking but it’s not productive. And when they don’t get better after a week or two they put it on the shelf next to the other books and programs and they once again start searching for the next thing.

Look I’m going to say this again and again – this program is work. However the more time, energy and effort you put into mastering these techniques and methods the faster and bigger your turn around. But YOU have to put in the work and time. I want more than anything for you to get results but I can’t do this for you. No one can do it for you. You have to decide that it’s time to step up and take the action necessary for you to create the life you dream of. And if you’re willing to come toward me I will more than meet you half way and I’ll give you everything I’ve got.

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
You must learn to see the world anew.

Albert Einstein

In other words, you cannot create your new life with the same mind and thought patterns that created the life you have now. The person you are now, your behaviors, habits, your automatic thoughts, automatic emotional reactions have created the life you have now. What you did yesterday is giving you the results you have in your life today.

Therefore if you want tomorrow to look different, if you want your life to become better, if you want to wake up and feel wonderful, then you can’t keep doing the same things you’ve been doing, you have to change your behaviors and habits. In order for tomorrow to be better you have to change the way to you are living your life today. You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.

Since rising out of depression I have created the best selling program Depression 180about which Wendy Love creator and author of the award winning blog says: “This is one of the best, most thorough books on depression I have read – and I have read most of them. It is the most thorough account of all of the strategies you could possibly employ to manage depression.”

I have also created The Mind Mastery Blueprint and Life Transformation Kit, and am a featured author in the New York Times bestselling book Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live your Best Life Now! along with Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff and Janet Attwood.

I also host of the popular podcast Tipping Point Radio interviewing experts in mind, body and spiritual transformation such as Marianne Williamson, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Teal Swan, jazz great John McLaughlin and many more.

You deserve happiness and success. I will teach you the tools to live the life of your dreams.

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